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Welcome to Smiling Dog (TM) Math Books


Where KIDS and NUMBERS become life-long friends

We believe:

  • Kids like to learn and have fun
  • Math can be fun and magical (not just necessary and practical)
  • Story, rhyme, illustration, and coloring are great "teachers"
  • Understanding and retaining information is critical (memorizing is not the answer)
  • Having opportunites to use what a child learns is important. So chances to "practice" should be fun and readily available
  • In other words . . .Stories + Pictures + Coloring + Rhyme + Fun Practice = Learn Math and Have Fun!


How we translate our core beliefs into children's books:

  • Engaging characters—the NUMBERS 0 to 9, sometimes 10, and their mischievous dog.
  • Fun math adventures—stories are designed to help a child "experience" and absorb key mathematical ideas.
  • Great illustrations that highlight key math concepts—pictures are memorable and easy for children to recall.
  • Catchy rhymes—stories are not written in rhyme, but rhyme is used to help children retain key ideas because rhyme is easy to remember
  • Black and white interior pages to invite children to color them, mark them up, tear them out, and hang them up at home.
  • Lots of opportunities to practice. Practice is important for retaining information, so why not make practice super fun and readily available?
  • Focusing on one key math idea per book—children find it easier to focus on one concept at a time.
  • Books start at pre-k and will go up to third-grade math—a strong math foundation is critical!
  • All books are consistent with Common Core concepts.