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NUMBERS Count!   Count Up To 9

This is the first book in the SMILING DOG™ MATH series. (Just click on the cover to buy the book.)

MATH CONCEPT: Counting up to 9 and linking quantities to numbers (such as " * * * " to "3"). 

STORY: The numbers Zero to Nine go on an adventure to find out if it would be even more fun to be letters. Along the way, they encounter lots of things to count. When they finally meet, the LETTERS find the NUMBERS a bit odd (even though some of them are actually even). Will the NUMBERS give up being numbers and join the LETTERS? Read NUMBERS COUNT! COUNT UP TO 9 to find out.

ACTIVITIES: Kids will enjoy coloring the black and white story pages and doing the workbook pages in the back. The pictures and activities are designed to help children learn the numbers Zero to Nine—the building blocks of all other numbers.


SMILING DOG™ MATH books aren't just a story book, a coloring book, or a math workbook. Each SMILING DOG™ MATH book combines all three! Why? To help children love math and learn math.


The story and pictures are used to make math and numbers fun and to help children understand key math concepts. Then, coloring opportunities and workbook pages are provided to allow children to practice the important concepts.