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SET 1 - Numbers tell us "How Many"

Like early phonics sets, this series addresses the most foundational very-early-math concepts. Spoiler alert ... something called "subitizing" (recognizing "how many" without counting) may be even more foundational to early math than counting. Subitizing is the focus of SET 1. (All Very Early MATH sets come in both an e-book version and a print version.)


SET 2 - COUNTING! How To Do It & What It Tells Us

It turns out that it's not as automatic as many of us think it is for a child to understand that the reason we count is to answer the question, "How many of something are in a group?" or that, when we count a group, the number given to the last item counted tells us the group's size (i.e., the Cardinal Principle). Building on SET 1, SET 2 gives you tools to help a child understand:  1. Why we count;  2. How to count;  3. How counting tells a group's size. 



The three early math books offered cover topics including the pairs of numbers that add to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 and 10 Friends (the pairs of numbers that add to 10). These are key early-math skills. Each book's story, illustrations, rhymes, and activities help children learn these key early-math building blocks. Click here for a Ten-Friends Save the Day read aloud.



Taming the MULTIPLICATION Monster offers a unique way to help children learn their multiplication facts. It stresses understanding multiplication and learning a few patterns; not memorizing.

Examples From Each Type of Book

VERY-EARLY MATH: SET 1 - Numbers tell us "How Many"




TEN FRIENDS Save the DAY: Add to Ten





Learn Multiplication Facts By Understanding, Not Memorizing!


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